Caldwell's Values


Our Values serve as a compass for our actions and behaviors. Through these
actions we are committed to building an enduring organization that is rewarding, generates shareholder return and supports the communities we rely on for infrastructure and talent.
Integrity: We are ethically unyielding. We embrace open and honest communication.
Safety: of our teammates is never jeopardized for any reason. At every level of the organization we treat others with dignity and Respect, we live by the golden rule.
Accountability: Our employees hold themselves accountable to proactively see, own and solve problems. 
Customer Obsession: A relentless focus on our customer. We foster our “First in Service / Best in class” environment by listening to and reacting to their needs.
Collaboration: We achieve uncommon results by working together on common goals.
Innovation: We continuously raise the bar and create “solutions that set new standards” by challenging the status quo and embracing change.
Passion: We are committed in heart and mind.
Humility: We use our strengths with quiet confidence, learn from our mistakes and recognize the strengths of others. Humility protects us from the arrogance of success.