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Caldwell Celebrates 2,000 Days of Safety In Williamsport!


Rochester, NY — October 25, 2013 — Caldwell Manufacturing Company North America, LCC is always raising a higher standard for ourselves, and it is with pride that we announce our newest milestone: 2,000 days without a lost-time accident at our Williamsport, MD Manufacturing Plant.
            It is our company Mission to ensure “First in Service – Best in Class” product value and customer service for our customers. Putting safety as our #1 priority allows us to provide our customers with high quality products at extraordinary lead times.
                President and CEO Eric Mertz recognizes the accomplishment: “Every person in or organization has a role to play in advancing our culture of ‘safety above all else.’ The achievement of 2000 days without a lost time accident could never have been made possible without the hard work and effort of all our employees. It is a world class record achieved by a world class team. It is the care they have for one another that gets them home safely each and every day. That is our highest objective, and thanks to our employees, we have met it for 2000 straight days.”
            Vice President of Manufacturing, Kevin Novak comments: “The Williamsport team should be extremely proud of their accomplishment. Reaching 2,000 days without a time-loss accident would not have been possible without the respect and commitment they have, both for each other and to having a safe environment. Well Done!”
In recognition of this outstanding accomplishment, the employees at the Williamsport plant held a celebration on Tuesday, October 29th.

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