I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers and employees after what’s been one of the most challenging years in our history. Despite the enormous disruption that coronavirus has caused, Caldwell has continued to operate throughout – and that just wouldn’t have been possible without your dedication and support.

I’ve always known Caldwell is world-class. I’ve had the privilege of leading this business for the last 13 years, and every day I see the outstanding products and service we provide first-hand.

However, even I have been taken aback by the incredible professionalism and commitment my staff have shown this year.
The pandemic has been a baptism of fire for all of us, but at Caldwell, our team adapted to the strange new world of COVID-safe working in a matter of weeks. All around the globe, Caldwell employees rose to the challenge, and allowed us to minimise disruption for our customers.
Now, people across our sector are having to deal with unprecedented disruption to the supply chain – but with our fantastic suppliers, we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to shield our customers from as much of it as we possibly can.

To the thousands of businesses who buy from us around the world, I want to say how much we appreciate your partnership and support.