Patio Doors & Hung Windows can now be easily opened with Caldwell’s ENGINUITY™ Automation Systems.

ENGINUITY™ Automation Systems are adaptable to your customers’ lifestyle or your product offering. They come standard with many convenient wired and wireless operation styles: wall switches, remotes, and they are Smart Home compatible.

Our systems are UL and FCC Certified, and a great solution for ADA Requirements or your connected lifestyle.

ENGINUITY™ for Patio Doors

This Patented System features a sleek, concealed design that fits completely in the top track of the Patio Door. Designed for Maximum travel, your doors will open and close the full length at the touch of a button.


ENGINUITY™ for Hung Windows

This Patented System features a sleek, concealed design, nestled in the side jamb or a compact design that is attached to the lift rail of the Hung Window. The ENGINUITY™ Actuator can be on either side and adapted to any desired travel length, from 4” or less to full open.


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