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Caldwell’s Automation Solution for Large Format Residential Sliding Doors and Windows is the DREAMVIEW™ Automation System.

This solution provides effortless automation for both windows and doors, inside and out. Utilizing Caldwell’s proprietary technology and experience, our engineers have created the G3 Controller that integrates with nearly any multi-panel sliding door or window application, and with UL325 and FCC Certifications, it is the safest solution on the market.


Featuring Lifestyle Modes
DREAMVIEW™ Automation Systems with G3 Controller


The G3 Controller comes pre-programmed with Lifestyle Modes to make the door system as Unique as you are. With 2 button-pushes, the homeowner can activate modes that lead fenestration into the true home automation sphere.




Entertainment Mode

We see you coming! Hands full? Using your motion sensor, the door will sense when you are close by and open 4’ for you to walk through. It will then close automatically when you get through the door.







Close Behind Mode

One less thing to worry about! You’re busy, we get it. Use the wall switch to Open the door; the door will open 4’ for you to pass through. Then it will close automatically after you.







Motion Assist Mode

Give the door a nudge, and it will take over! If you give the door a little push, the motor will take over and open the door to 4’. Then, if you give it a little push closed, the motor will take over and close the door, too.







Simplicity Mode

Your door knows where it is, it gets your point! The ‘One Button’ Mode: just press the Stop button or link a 3rd party single button device and your door will Open, Close or Pause mid-travel, whatever makes the most sense.






Technical System Placement
Automation for Any Configuration

The DREAMVIEW™ systems have solutions for one way or bi-part and straight line or curved applications. It can also provide a solution for both ADA and “hard to reach” applications with wireless remote operation. Caldwell’s DREAMVIEW™ systems easily integrate with home automation and are powered with a standard outlet.


OEM Partnerships

The DREAMVIEW™ systems also provide opportunities for OEM partnerships including the proprietary Easy Connect Installation System that can be built into the door frame in your warehouse before shipment.


DREAMVIEW™ Automation Systems Downloads

G3 Sell Sheet

Lifestyles Sell Sheet

Site Prep for Stacking Doors

Site Prep for Pocketing Doors